by:秦銳林dreams16. If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.


52. There is a kind of missing, is light happiness; there is a kind of happiness, is often concerned about; there is a kind of concern, is far to appreciate.

8. hope is the source of life, life will wither without it....

Publié 2021-01-21

25. Once that imperfect feeling has passed away, now I want to resurrect it.

17. When you have time to do skin care, men and women are the same, too late to run 30....

Publié 2021-01-21

34. Too much kindness is a disease, which is an attempt to please everyone. People who are overly friendly are afraid to refuse because they see it as a shame to refuse others. Look at the face than the sky is also big, often from the weak heart. Everything is afraid to let others down, is also a kind of inferiority. Life is always a little soft. A man who knows nothing about rejection can not win true respect.

89. In real life, do not blindly imitate others, but to explore the reasons and understand innovation. Simple imitation can only put oneself in trouble....

Publié 2021-01-21

24. The night is as quiet as water, the rain patter, the rain into the eaves, wet the title page of youth, the wind along my sleep, into my dream, blowing away the word youth, but also in the morning wake up in the morning.

45. What matters in life is to be yourself. Anything impractical is the source of pain. The greatest killer of life is sorrow and anxiety. Pain comes from not being full, life is not full of imagination. You have to find your own goal, and then work for it....

Publié 2021-01-05

15. If we cast a stone all our lives, even with our eyes closed, there must have been a hit.

76. Good thoughts, good fortune, bad thoughts, bad stars....

Publié 2020-12-30

23. Just fall and get up.

35. We can be disappointed, but not blind....

Publié 2020-12-15





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